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modulus of elasticity composite decking

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11 Nov 2007posite_deck_design.doc. Composite Deck Design page 1 of 16. DESIGN OF COMPOSITE. DECKS. Table of Content. 1.0 Introduction. .. area of steel in the ratio of the moduli of elasticity of the two materials. This modular.

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McCabe, Thomas J., "Design Example on Composite Steel Deck Floor Slabs" (1975)..The composite properties of the steel deck and concrete are also given. They were calculated with cracked section ... Modulus of elasticity of steel = 29.

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3.0 FD Deck. Composite Floor Decks. 184. 1.5 CD Deck. 2.0 CD Deck. 3.0 CD Deck. General Deck Information. 190. Standard Deck Accessories. Fire Resistance Ratings.Height. 1 1/2 in. Fy (minimum). 33 ksi. Modulus of Elasticity. 29500 ksi.

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23 Sep 2016.SAP2000 provides various ways to model the composite behavior of a beam-slab assembly..Modulus of elasticity, E = 33000000 kN/m2.Therefore, the deck-slab contribution to section flexural stiffness will be negligible.

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Figure 2 gives examples of composite steel decks which utilize each of the above-listed.between the composite steel deck floor slab and the support beams by attaching .. deck, I:;;; yield strength, Fy; modulus of elasticity, E5 ; and sttrface.

Strength of Shear Studs in Steel Deck on Composite Beams and Joists

fc' = specified compressive strength of concrete. Ec = modulus of elasticity of concrete. Fu = minimum specified tensile stress of the stud shear connector. This equation was developed based on results from elemental push-out tests.4 The stud.

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effort to present accurate, reliable, and useful information on design of composite steel deck-slabs. The materials set forth ... unless construction overloads cause the stress in the deck to exceed the elastic limits of the deck. The supporting.

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DuraLife's Unique Polypropylene & Hardwood Composite Outperforms Other Wood and Composite Decking Products..A deck board's Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) and Modulus of Rupture (MOR) are good indicators of its ultimate.

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E 330**. 182 allowable lbs/ft2. MODULUS OF ELASTICITY. ASTM D 6190. Paramount. 150,300 psi. Horizon, ProTect Advantage. 456,000 psi. Pro-Tect, Veranda ArmorGuard, Veranda Composite Decking. 459,100 psi. Good Life. 404,400 psi.

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from the Plastic Lumber Co., Description: Plastic Lumber is a product similar to Modulus of Elasticity; Flexural Yield Strength,.This study measured the modulus of elasticity (MOE) of various plastics and composite materials with a Taber.

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3 Jan 2017.Since the deck concrete has a lower strength than the girder concrete, it also has a lower modulus of elasticity. Therefore, when computing composite section properties, the effective flange width (as stated above) must be.

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2 Jan 2012.This design guide focuses on the LRFD design of steel beams made composite with the deck. A design procedure is ... Sxc = elastic section modulus of the section about the major axis of the section to the compression flange.

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Pang, Wei Chiang, "Corrugated wood composite panels for structural decking", Dissertation, Michigan Technological University,. 2005. .. Figure 43: Modulus of elasticity sensitivity studies of 3"x16" weak axis bending specimens.

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This study compares the modulus of elasticity and the flexural, compressive, tensile and shear strengths of such.alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ)-treated lumber in comparison to wood plastic composite (WPC) decking shows that the latter.

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2. 3. INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Background. 1.2 Objective and Scope. FLEXURAL ANALYSIS. 2.1 Review of Bending Theory. 2.2 Elastic Moduli and Stress-Strain Relationships of the Deck and the Bottom Flange. 2.2.1 Reinforced Concrete Deck.

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Modulus of Elasticity, Ec: 4,888 ksi. Effective .. Beams are designed to act compositely with the 8.0-in. cast-in-place concrete deck to resist superimposed dead. Figure 1-1: .. Stc = composite section modulus for the deck extreme top fiber.


With the use of composite columns along with composite decking and composite beams it is possible to erect high rise structures ... are the moduli of elasticity of the steel section and the reinforcement. 0.8 Ecd Ic is the effective stiffness of the.

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Vulcraft steel deck panels are used in roof and composite floor deck systems..3.3 1.5VLI, 2VLI and 3VLI Composite Decks: The 1.5VLI, 2VLI and ... E = Modulus of elasticity of wall material for deflection determination (psi). fc = Allowable.

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4. Title and Subtitle. Laminate Specification and Characterization: Composite. Bridge Decking. 5. Report Date. January 2012. 6. .. laminate with unidirectional fibers, this translates to an elastic modulus for the laminate of around 11 MSI.

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Specified strengths and moduli of elasticity 401. 9.12. Glued-laminated timber 404. 9.12.1 ... section modulus of a transformed section of a composite wood-concrete deck with respect to the bottom fibres, mm3. St. = section modulus of a.